Saturday, March 26, 2011

girls' night out

There are amazing resources in Vancouver for new moms. There are community drop-in groups that run weekly, are free and a great source of support in the early days. I tried one group and wasn't really feeling it, then tried another group and success! 

The local community centres have open gym time where you can bring your babe, pay $3 if they are crawling (no cost if they aren't!) and its a free for all, toys, mats and kids galore. Do not go with a headache.

Last night was girls' night out. I've been so lucky to have found amazing friends since Hannah was born, we met at one of the drop-in groups. Before she was born I only had a couple friends who had babies. I was really nervous that I would have trouble finding like-minded girls with little ones but I've met so many. Six of us get together on Thursdays and have since our babes were only a couple months old. It's been such a relief to have friends who understand the sleepless nights, the depth of love, the little joys and the troubles. Not to say that my baby-less friends don't, they have been incredible, supportive and patient, but they work on weekdays!

This past week the Thursday moms (minus one!) went out for dinner. It was such a treat to see my friends dressed up and having drinks, chatting and enjoying without the babies crawling around. We went to Campagnola, the food was good, the cocktails delicious and the nightcap at Cascade was completely unnecessary (I have the tolerance of a thirteen year old girl these days) but we just didn't want to wrap up the night too early.
I'm so appreciative for the friendships I've made, its been a serendipitous delight of having a baby.

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