Monday, March 14, 2011

Hillcrest Pool

Hillcrest Aquatic Centre is a legacy project of the 2010 Olympics and  it's fantastic! There's a 50 metre main pool, a leisure pool with water toys, sprays, jets, waterfall, a lazy river, a 70-person hot pool, a large steam room and sauna and family and adult change rooms. 

It is also, most definitely the best way to get this baby of mine to have a really long afternoon nap. I've been going in the mornings, we swim around, play in the lazy river and end up in the hot pool to get Hannah's teeth to stop chattering (ahem, 5 teeth but mostly gum chattering).

Mondays and Wednesday from 1:15 to 3:15 are discount dip time and admission is half price. My only complaint about the pool when bringing a baby is that the benches aren't wide enough to safely trust sitting the little one on while you get dressed. Go with friends and it's much easier!

Also, apparently older ladies like to grab at babies, they will chase you around the pool to poke at them. Sometimes super entertaining, sometimes, well, often, not so much.

*  photo from Hillcrest Aquatic Centre website.

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