Monday, March 21, 2011

inside outside birthday!

Our little Hannah is nine months old today, making it her inside outside birthday! Nine months in, nine months out! I'd never heard of this until yesterday when Hannah's Nana (Matt's mom) told us about it.

Happy Day little Hannah, we love everything you will be and everything you are.

  1. Seven months pregnant on Pender Island
  2. The day before Hannah was born, after the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival (that's why I have flowers in my hair, I don't generally do that)
  3. Hannah at two weeks
  4. Matt and Hannah (two and a half months old) on Saturna Island


East of Main said...

Oh, you made me all weepy! Happy birthday Hannah! - from the other Hannah

nana wendy said...

Nana thinks we are very blessed!

souris said...

The inside-outside birthday concept is so sweet! Thanks for sharing, I'm going to tell my other parent-friends about it.