Thursday, March 10, 2011

little green, black and white monster.

I'm a dog person, through and through. But I really really love my cat. We've had Pae (Paekakariki) for seven years and she is the sweetest, most discerning, cuddly, grumpy, playful and temperamental cat I have ever known.

We weren't sure how things would go with the new addition to our family. I was worried Pae would be aggressive or that Hannah would be allergic. Pae has been a total trooper; patient and tolerant and so far no allergies!

Lately though, Pae has been getting jealous. As Hannah becomes more mobile, is awake more, Pae is noticing and getting really needy. There's been whiny meows, desperate cries and circling at the feet. 

Our bedtime routine for Hannah involves a few books while snuggling on our bed. Pae jumps in and lies between us and listens to the story and endures much hair pulling and shrieking. We're making a real effort in the evening to give her heaps of attention. She is after all our furry baby and its not her fault she's not ranking as high in the family as she used to. We'll try a little harder Pae, bear with us!

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