Saturday, April 2, 2011

it's been a good week on the internet.

These were some of my favourite finds:

This was apropos. We are in discussions about timing for baby 2.
• I want to live in a bigger place, just so I can have this.
This made me want to go back to 1993 so I could whip out my beadloom and make me some beaded bracelets.


MsNina said...

Those goats are gorgeous! Did I ever tell you about my friend's goat? Her family had a goat when she was a child; one day, they realised that it had probably been a whole day since they'd seen the goat. They went looking in the backyard and found the poor goat stuck in an old kennel in their back yard. The goat was pretty pissed off. The next day, the goat sought vengeance and destroyed the old kennel, attacking it with his little horns, leaving nothing but shattered planks of wood!

Kate said...

Nina! You've made me want a goat even more. My dad said all he ever wanted was a donkey. I'll take either!