Thursday, April 7, 2011


Better planning next time around would mean having a baby in September or October, that way I wouldn't have to go back to work until the fall. I'm realizing how hard it is going to be to go back to work once the sunshine is here to stay! I thought I was all crafty not having to be pregnant through the summer, foiled!
Here's Hannah (in her I heart CBC radio hoodie that my friend Morgan made her) with her buddies S and B at the park today.

Sidenote - I really do LOVE CBC radio. From White Coat, Black Arts to As it Happens, Wiretap with touches of The Vinyl Cafe, DNTO and of course On the Coast. I am however not Jian's biggest fan.


Jennifer said...

What?! I have a mild crush on Jian.

Kate said...

I used to love him, but then something shifted and now he kinda drives me batty!!

Yolanda Thomas said...

Hi! Love this photo!!! Do you mind if we use this image on the CBC Radio Facebook page? We can credit/link.

kate said...

Hi Yolanda,
So sorry for the delay - you can totally use this picture!