Sunday, May 29, 2011

the garden grows

The sun finally came out. April and May have been the coldest and wettest on record in Vancouver for the past fifty years. I went to the community garden to do a little weeding yesterday and then had to go again today to just admire. I've never grown anything from seed before, it is so satisfying. The radishes greens are so big, I might have thinned one out and had a little taste - it was peppery, crisp and delicious. The mesclun mix is getting big, the arugula seems to be the biggest at this point. The shallots are thriving and the chives are out of control!
On my deck my strawberries plants are getting big, the salad greens are doing great but seem to be under constant threat from both Hannah and Pae. 
I can't believe how great the sun felt this weekend. Even with all the other things (and there are many) going on in our lives right now, a picnic in the sun with Matt and Hannah made everything perfect.

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