Sunday, May 1, 2011

the gardens!

My focus this weekend was to get the balcony tidied up for warmer weather. Matt fixed the bbq - bbq season here we come.

I got all my plants and seeds in soil yesterday. I found the best long planters at Ikea and foolishly only bought 2, I should have bought 4 and of course they are now completely sold out and not getting any more. One planter has 8 strawberry plants (gifted to my by Matt's mom), potato vines and cosmos. The other planter has 5 rows of mixed salad greens.

Matt had a great idea of using these for our herbs, I planted six of them today with caraway, sage, oregano, english thyme, nasturtium and mint. My other pots have a great mix of flowers and tomatoes that my mom gave me.

We walked over to the community garden this morning to see how everything is going. So rewarding to see the radishes and beans popping up. The shallots and leeks are flourishing!

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