Friday, May 6, 2011


I've been feeling homebound, rather Vancouverbound since the fall. We were hit with a few dollar smackdowns in the past few months, a hefty balance owing on our taxes (great way to feel like a bonafide grown-up), the food co-op going under, our stove breaking . . . We had originally talked about going to Italy (oh Amalfi, I love thee) this upcoming September, but reality set in and we decided it wasn't the best bet. I was worried that a vacation wasn't going to happen at all, but now we've got a pretty fun summer planned! Tofino in June for three nights, it's a work trip for me but Matt and Hannah are tagging along and we're staying in a most fantastic place on the beach! I'm heading to LA for work in early July and then Saturna for a week in mid July.

Homebound no more! 
Here's a few photos from our last trip to Tofino and the place we'll be staying. ps - it was very stormy when we were there!

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MsNina said...

That looks pretty special.