Saturday, May 14, 2011

the nights are long but the years are short.

When Hannah was a brand new baby and I was out for a walk with her in the stroller and the loveliest woman stopped me and we chatted. She asked how it was all going, what Hannah was like and then she said "dear, the nights are long, but the years are short, love every minute'. I was maybe 3 weeks postpartum and I smiled and sad thank you. She left and I picked Hannah up and cried (oh hormones!). I've thought of her words so many times over the past ten months. When Hannah wouldn't nap, or was teething or was just a little out of sorts - I would think of what she said and take the moment in and realize it was only a flick of time in the grand scheme of things.

This week I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and a bit underwhelmed. I'm working lots right now and feeling like my maternity leave is coming to an end and I haven't done so much of what I thought I would have done. I thought I would have sewed more, napped more, sat in the park more. I feel like the days are flying by.

It's been raining in Vancouver for what seems like an eternity. It's cold and dismal and I feel like hibernating. I need the sun, the forecast says its coming, we did have a lovely sunny day yesterday and today its back to the chill. I want to hang out at my garden plot and drink beers in the sun, go for runs outside and not on the treadmill, I want Hannah to play in the sand at Crescent Beach - I am so ready for sunshine!

We've been having lazy nights at home, lots of brown rice and veggies, grilled salmon, pots of mint tea and family hangout. Hannah is standing on her own all the time, unassisted, she's very chatty, she yips like a coyote and is all together wonderful. Now if we only had some sunshine . . .

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