Wednesday, June 22, 2011

more terriers

When I was little I would read the Dogs In Canada Annual before bed, memorizing the dog breeds. I love shaggy dogs, big dogs, floppy eared dogs, but above and beyond, I love terriers. They make my heart happy. 
When we're in a position to get a dog, I have a few dream breeds that I would love to have - Kerry Blue Terrier, Airedale, Irish Lurcher, Afgan, Irish Wolfhound . . . Matt has promised me when we move to a house from our condo we can get a dog. My only rule for getting a dog is to go through either the SPCA or a rescue program - until then I can pass the time finding terrier photos I love on Flickr.

1. wheaton terrier
2. wirefox terrier
3. welsh terrier
4. westhighland terrier
5. kerry blue terrier
6. tibetan terrier
7. kerry blue terrier

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