Thursday, July 21, 2011

packing again!

We're off to Galiano Island tomorrow afternoon for another Gulf Island vacation, this time with Matt's parents at a cabin a private beach. We're on dinner making duty and I've been to Commercial Drive, Whole Foods and Choices today getting everything we need for dinners. We're packing up the car with a portable crib, cooler, beach blankets and all the fun things that make a summer vacation successful. I love getting away, but food planning and packing rank pretty low on my list of favourite things to do.

We were on Galiano a few years ago with our friends and really liked the island. We stayed at a cottage away from the beach and it was really nice, but being on the water this time around is what I can't wait for!

Here's a few photos from our last Galiano trip.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so envious of your Galiano visit. It's one of my favorite island spots anywhere in the world. I was there for a wedding nearly two decades ago and my friends' family has since opened a B&B, which I swear I will visit someday.

Galiano is also where I experienced my first up-close experience with Orcas -- a memory for a lifetime. I'm loving your holiday posts!