Tuesday, August 2, 2011

what the long weekend was.

We had great plans to go away with friends to the Sunshine Coast for the long weekend, we'd been looking forward to it for a couple months but Hannah got sick on Thursday night and we had to cancel. Instead we spent our first weekend at home in Vancouver in a month catching up on our lives. We cleaned up, got things in order and had a productive weekend at home. We ventured out a couple of times, a picnic in the park, a walk up to Queen Elizabeth Park to see the ducks and an evening trip to the Summer Night Market in Richmond.

The Night Market is one of my favourite summer events in Vancouver (Richmond). It runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights until September. Go early, go hungry and have patience for the crowds. 

Between the four of us we had grilled spicy squid, takoyaki, vietnamese spring rolls, taiwanese rice rolls (my favourite), crispy tofu, beef rolled enoki, mushroom poutine, strawberry lemonade and a few other things I can't remember. It's great because the food is cheap and portions are small and shareable so you can try many different things.

It's Tuesday morning now and Hannah is still sick and of course being the sweet generous girl she is, shared her germy germs with me. It was the right decision not to go away as Hannah has been coughing through the night and been beside herself at bedtime - we would not have been good housemates. It was hard to miss a sunny long weekend on the Sunshine Coast, but we made do at home.

Thanks for the photos of the Night Market ├ůsa!

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