Wednesday, October 12, 2011

autumn island treats

Cheddar and Corn Muffins - recipe to come
Late lunch with Smoked Kippers
Garlic + Parsley Fried Chickpeas - recipe to come

Making Pie Crust

Family Hashbrowns with secret ingredient - recipe to come

Perfect Breakfast - crepes with cranberries and brie

Thanksgiving stuffing to go with 3 roasted chickens

I took a bit of a risk and I tried roasting chickens a new way for Thanksgiving. I've always cooked them the way my mom taught me and they've always been really tasty but I'd heard so much about the Thomas Keller method that I had to try it. A very high heat oven, a well-trussed bird and a tablespoon of salt - that's it. I panicked a little with the salt and didn't use the whole tbsp, and about twenty minutes into roasting I panicked again and brushed some of the salt off. When the bird came out of the oven I wiped even more salt off. Those chickens were some of the juiciest and tastiest birds I've ever had and I recommend trying this method.

Our friends made amazing food - swedish crepes with cranberries, brie and candied pecans. Cranberry sauce with hazelnuts and orange, amazing salads, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, spirited pumpkin pie. I've had nothing but salad and chicken soup since we've been home!

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