Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the pumpkin patch

Bright and early Sunday morning after one of our best friend's birthdays the night before, we groggily headed out to Westham Island Herb Farm Pumpkin Patch with friends and their babes. Neither Matt nor I had ever been to Ladner before and definitely never to Westham Island. I had no idea how beautiful it is out there, it was a sunny morning, so I may have been swayed by the sun coming in on a misty landscape, it happens to me all the time. I was entertaining thoughts of moving out there five minutes into the drive and was on real estate sites when I got home.

Hannah and I had been to a pumpkin patch on Friday with my parents at Richmond Country Farms. It was more of an event there with wagon rides and music, a pumpkin princess and entertainment. Lots of fun, but the Westham Island patch was perfect for a quiet Sunday morning with friends surrounded by goats, chickens, cows, organic veggies, wheelbarrows and of course, pumpkins.

Thanks to Shellie for the photos!

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