Thursday, November 3, 2011

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CBC Radio celebrated its 75th birthday yesterday. I love the CBC, I grew up with CBC radio on in the background at home and in the car. I remember listening to Gilmour's Albums on Sundays at noon while on drives with my parents to little towns outside of Toronto. Gilmour's Albums was on right before my favourite, The Royal Canadian Air Farce (before it was a tv show and stopped being funny). On Sunday evenings we would have dinner in front of the tv watching Road to Avonlea.

I listen to CBC radio in the car, it's the one thing that makes my commute in the morning bearable. The Current, The Coast, Dispatches, Wiretap . . . I love it all. Stephen Quinn makes me happy when the traffic is backed up over the Oak Street Bridge on my way home. I wait for The Arthur Awards every year, CBC - I love you.

At home, CBC radio is a comforting sound. It reminds me of my childhood, of family, of major news events, going to the family farm - CBC makes me happy.

Vancouver is Awesome put together a list of reasons why they love the CBC, here it is - I agree with all of it! 

1. The National
2. The loveable Peter Mansbridge… of The National
3. Hockey Night in Canada
4. Stephen Quinn and Matthew Lazin-Ryder
5. Their fancy new building on Hamilton and all of the free events that we the public are invited to attend there
6. This Is That, or “the fake news”!
7. Bob Nixon’s human interest pieces
8. The man, the BC news legend: Tony Parsons
9. CBC Radio 3. Duh!
10. The logo, designed by Burton Kramer
11. As It Happens and their use of the most liberal amount of puns allowed under the CRTC
12. David freakin’ Suzuki
13. The Vinyl Cafe
14. Ian “HandsomeManThing”
15. Mr Dressup
16. Kids In The Hall
17. THE Friendly Giant
18. This Hour Has 22 Minutes
19. THE Rick Mercer Report
20. …and on that note, TALKING TO AMERICANS!
21. The Fifth Estate
22. Degrassi
23. Street Cents
24. The Hour/ George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight
25. The Beachcombers
26. The Racoons
27. Danger Bay
28. Anne of Green Gables
29. Wok with Yan
30. Good Rockin Tonite with Terry David Mulligan
31. Switchback hosted by Stu Jeffries
32. Letting us know when it is exactly 10 am with that long dash following ten seconds of silence
34. Mamma Yamma and her special musical guests on CBC Kids
35. Rick Cluff, always dark and early
36. Canada Reads and all things CBC Book Club
37. That really cool sign-off at the end of the night (when stations actually signed off at night), where they played an instrumental version of Oh Canada accompanied by scenic vistas from coast-to-coast
38. Royal Canadian Air Farce – “I’m Mike, from Canmore”
39. The Chicken Cannon
40. Road to Avonlea
41. Introducing us to Sarah Polley via the above
42. The do-do-do and then the quick paced bit before the news on the radio
43. Those old-school CBC Sports standard-issue powder blue sports jackets, as seen in this link
44. Brave New Waves – a musical oasis for kids starved for something other than CFOX, but way past bedtime
45. CBUX 90.9 FM and waking up to French every morning
46. Fraggle Rock
47. Da Vinci’s Inquest and Da Vinci’s City Hall: two dramas that broke the stereotype of what Canadian-made shows could be
48. Giving a platform to awesome National Film Board animated shorts, like the Log Driver’s Waltz
49. Giving a platform for Canadian talent on an American program in SCTV
50. Zed! Zed was amazing!

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