Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I have a confession to make. I preach Shop Local, I'm a small business owner and many of my friends are too. I grocery shop at the local family owned grocery store and the farmer's markets. I love local independent gift shops, toy stores, clothing stores and craft fairs. 

That said, I will shop at Costco for almond butter, organic eggs and almonds. If I'm near a Walmart I'll stop to buy my makeup for less. I've bought books, toys, shoes and more from Amazon.  

I always felt a little embarrassed about it, but justified it simply for dollar and cents. I've had a bit of an awakening tonight. These two infographics were really eye-opening to me and it hit me hard. Shop local, buy better, buy less. 

I want Hannah to grow up going to amazing book stores, magical toy stores, stores where people know your name and remember you - the way I did growing up in Toronto. If I don't support the little guys, that might not happen. I'm going to work really hard at shopping smarter.

Hope you find these interesting. Thanks ├ůsa for sharing.

Fantastic infographics after the jump. 

Walmart Infographic
Amazon Infographic
Source: Frugaldad.com

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