Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Soap Dispensary

There's a wonderful little store on Main Street called The Soap Dispensary. From their website: The Soap Dispensary is a refill store specializing in premium household soaps, cleaners and personal care products. Customers can reuse containers to be refilled at our store, keeping single-use plastic packaging out of landfills, watersheds and wasteful recycling systems.

The design and concept of the store is great, the service is so friendly and helpful. Last time I was in I bought one of their Swedish dishcloths (picture above - I got the one with the strawberries), they are made from 70% cellulose and 30% cotton and are super absorbent and hard-working. They can be thrown in the washing machine over and over. And printed with water-based ink and are compostable at the end of their life cycle.

I recommend a visit to the shop, it's an awesome addition to Main Street!
The Soap Dispensary - 3623 Main Street
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Anonymous said...

I walked passed this place yesterday. Looks cool.