Saturday, March 24, 2012


The sun has come out in Vancouver and Spring is here. It's so nice to be outside and enjoying the cherry blossoms, sunshine and the shift in everyone's attitudes. We're at the tail-end of a long, grey and wet winter and it seemed all of Vancouver was more than ready for sunny days.

Matt and I have our own plot at the community garden this year. We spent the morning weeding, turning the soil and collecting worms - Hannah's new favourite thing, also beetles.

I'm sharing seeds with friends and already have an amazing collection:
• gypsy peppers
• red ace beets
• french breakfast radishes
• ambassador zucchini
• peredovik sunflowers
• royal family sweet peas
• winter blend kale
• swiss chard
• salad blend nasturtium

It's going to be a delicious summer! Next weekend we get a big load of mushroom manure and start planting!

ps - In food news. These are insane, like - omg, best treat ever, on a day after a run and on a day before a run too. dreamy potatoes!

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nesting journal said...

i would love to make a scarf for luce like the ones hanna wears. Send me the dimensions and if you hemmed them when you have a sec. So cute.