Monday, March 7, 2011

Our friend Micah.

We lost a good friend today. Micah, Matt's family's standard poodle had lymphoma cancer and left us today for the other side. Animal friends are so tricky. They give you everything, they love you unconditionally, they are your best and closest friend when you need them to be and they understand you like no other. But their little life spans are so short.

Sweet Micah, thank you for always dancing with me in the kitchen, for leaning away from kisses and for being one of the smartest dogs I've ever known. I'm so sad that Hannah won't get to grow up with you. 

Please say hi to my O'Malley, Rudy, Maggie, Mandy, Caesar and Jack wherever you are. I think the seven of you will have a grand time together. Watch out for O'Malley, she's a terrier and can't help being a bit feisty, she means well.

• great photos from Anneke

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MamaG said...

Oh wow, what a sweety! Micah reminds me of our beloved Lexi, a black standard poodle who was more like the fourth sister. She was brilliant, sweet and loving - some would even say therapeutic. I'm sure they'll meet on the other side ;)