Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vancouver is tasty.


I love discovering tasty treats in Vancouver. I grew up in Toronto and it took a long time for Vancouver to feel like home. I knew where to go in Toronto, I knew that on the corner of Grace and College you could get the best grilled house-made sausage, a block away was the Italian meat store that rolled their own fennel specked pancetta. The corner of Spadina and Harbord was home to the best pesto, brocolli rabe pizza I've ever had. Across from CityTV was the most amazing Khao Soy Gai.
I love food, I love cooking and I love sharing food with friends.

Vancouver is now my home and I can't wait to instill the same love of food in my daughter that my parents gifted me.

Years ago Vancouver Magazine listed the Best Things to Eat and Drink in Vancouver. I'm following their lead and slowly going to put together my list. These are some of my favourite things to eat in Vancouver. They are, most definitely, not listed in any order whatsoever.

Go Fish (Fisherman's Wharf)
Tuna tacones! the salmon ones are also great, but the tuna win it for me.

Medina (Beatty Street)
• La sant√© - most perfect breakfast, ever. 

Nat's New York Pizzeria (Broadway)
• Spicy mushroom pizza  - so damn good! 

Guu (Gastown)
• Salmon with seven friends - delicious goodness 

Guu (Thurlow)
• Kimchi fried rice  

Hapa Izakaya (Kits)
• Pork renkon gyoza, lotus root is used instead of dough. 

Burgoo (Main Street)
• Roasted tomato soup, perfect on the patio with a hot biscuit and a glass of white wine.

First Ravioli Shop (Commercial Drive)
• Wild mushroom ravioli, cooked simply with sauteed garlic in olive oil, heaps of parsley and a heavy handed grating of pecorino cheese. They also sell a mortadella sandwich on a bun for $2.40, mortadella,cheese and mustard - total comfort food. 

Motomachi Shokudo (Denman)
• Spicy miso ramen with organic chicken, it's amazing. The Gyoza are some of the best I've ever had.

Peaceful Restaurant (Broadway)
• Szechuan cucumbers, peaceful beef roll and xiao-long bao - 
the cucumber is up there with tastiest ever. spicy, crisp, sweet, sour - all the big names. The beef roll is so good, the xlb are juicy and great.

Zakkushi (4th Avenue)
• Agedashi tofu, shiso maki, mochi,  ume cucumber, daikon salad, perfect with a few good friends, lots of plum wine and a summer night.


• Whatever Ling makes is the best. The food, the punch, the wallpaper - I love it.

That's it for now, these are the more budget friendly options.
What are your favourites?

• photo is an old vintage postcard with text added


East of Main said...

Doughnuts from Lee's Doughnuts on Granville Island! I dreamed about them when I lived away. Not a meal though unless you have six (and I'd never do that :)

Kate said...

Lee's Donuts are so good! The old fashioned sour cream ones are amazing!