Tuesday, April 26, 2011

my favourite island.

I fell in love with the Gulf Islands when I was thirteen, my sister took me to visit a friend on Salt Spring Island and I was sold. When Matt and I first started dating and I found out that his cousins had a cabin on Mudge Island, I swear it sealed the deal. We've housesat on Salt Spring, honeymooned on Hornby, travelled to Bowen, Mudge, Gabriola, Link, De Courcy, Denman, Galiano, Pender, Mayne and to our most favourite of islands - Saturna.

Saturna magic is a combination of many factors. We have some of the most incredible memories of time spent with amazing friends there - we've followed whales around the island, eaten our weight in salmon candy, hiked up old hydro trails searching for feral goats, played crokinole til our fingers were swollen, drank our fair share of mixed drinks, grilled salmon, made smores, baked apple pies, danced to Neil Diamond at the annual pig roast, read the entire Twilight series while lying on the beach in the hot sun, healed broken hearts and made new friends.

I'm starting to plan our summer trip. Every year things change a little, September was our first trip there with Hannah and there are other changes in our life, but I know no matter what, Saturna will be restorative and special when we are there, it always is.


kickpleat said...

Hey Kate, love your blog! I've been silently reading along on my blog reader but thought I should pop by and say hi!

Kate said...

Thanks Jeannette!
I've cooked many of your recipes over the years, soo many tasty treats thanks to you!