Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a big old family weekend!

We went out to Crescent Beach for Easter weekend and saw lots of family. We saw our nephew who was born on April 16th, our niece who was born on April 22 and most of our extended family. Was really nice and I learned a couple things: 
• I don't need a baby right now, Hannah is way too much fun and babies are amazing and wonderful but also a little bit boring!
• I really like asparagus, probably more than any other vegetable. I made a really tasty asparagus, dijon and brie tart but forgot to take a photo. 
• Matt and I are really incredibly lucky with our families, they live five minutes apart and are so generous and loving.
• I love holiday dinners but they hate my tummy.
• It rains way too much in Vancouver. 
• New stoves are expensive.

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