Thursday, April 21, 2011

a whale!

A whale for our new nephew! My friend Steph and I spied a very pricey whale stuffed animal at a store on Commercial Drive and decided that we could make one. Steph drew the pattern and one evening with another friend we sewed up whales. 
I've fixed my technique and made a few changes in putting it together and whipped this one up for our brand new nephew. I hope he isn't on the internet yet, or the surprise is ruined!


Anonymous said...

I was just at the URBAN CRAFT CENTER this morning working on my own sewing project (my first sewing project ever). It was invigorating to know that I COULD make something if I wanted to. Your whale is ADORABLE, what a lucky lil nephew.

Kate said...

The whale was soo easy to make! It's crazy how satisfying sewing and stuffing a toy is.
Hannah has a red whale that I made her that she chews on every day and I love it.