Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vancouver is Tasty - the veggie edition.

I have vegetarian tendencies. I was a vegetarian for several years as a teenager and I revisit a meat free or low meat diet quite regularly. I haven't read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer yet as I'm scared that it will wake me up and I'll never eat meat again. I'm planning on reading it, I just haven't had the nerve yet.
These are my favourite vegetarian restaurants or restaurants that do great veggie options around Vancouver. 

• Sejuiced on West 4th. 
Oh the smoothies, I love the Morning Energizer with hemp protein and a bit of cinnamon. The Sejuiced house salad is the salad that I crave. The Thai veggie burger is amazing. They make the best kale chips I've ever had.  

• The Naam
Predictable right, and yah, the service can suck and it can take forever for your food to arrive, but its good. I love the Naam bowl, its always enough for two meals. The sesame potato fries with miso gravy are so good, Oaxacan quesadillas are delicious. All that and they make the best veggie sausages I've ever had.

The Foundation
Molton Tofu. So good and you can get it on a platter they for sharing that has the yam dip, really good hummus and some of the best rice pilafy thing I've ever had.

• Bandidas Taqueria
Camillo Taco - oh my, so good, it has spicy breaded walnuts. Also the margaritas are really easy to drink.

Najib's special is damn good and if you're really hungry get La Feast to share. 

• Peaceful Restaurant
Spicy salted tofu, Peaceful potato roll, green onion flatbread and the bean sauce eggplant are all really tasty. 

• Campagnola
The crispy chick peas with mint and chili are amazing. Margherita pizza is delicious and they always seem to have a good veggie special.  

• Budgie's Burritos
Johnny O, 10" whole wheat with refried and fresh salsa. Do it. Or the tortilla soup. 

• Finch's Tea & Coffee House
Oh the baguette sandwiches, so good! I love the pear, blue brie and roasted walnut. The smoked applewood cheddar with cucumber is also tasty!  

• Grub
Not the cheapest on the list, but most definitely the best. Whatever is on the fresh board that is the vegetarian or vegan options are always amazing. Like most delicious ever. Soo tasty, want Grub now.

Any tips for other awesome veg options? I've heard Gorilla Food is good but have never tried it. 

Here's the link to Vancouver is tasty, budget edition!


MsNina said...


MsNina said...


there was an article in The Atlantic a couple of months ago on 'foodie-ism' which I was thinking about linking to on your facebook wall, but I didn't have the heart to. The author calls 'foodie-ism' gluttony and is scathing. When you have the force to read Safran Foer's book, search for 'foodie' on The Atlantic's website, and let me know what you think. x

Kate said...

I happened to read that article recently and thought it was a good read (yet slightly convoluted). The fixation on food and richness and the pursuit of the perfect meal - is most definitely a form of gluttony, in my opinion. Food Network shows like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Outrageous Foods make me ill. The worst is Man Vs. Food on OLN. Food challenges, 19 lb burgers, mayonnaise covered grilled cheese sandwiches with fried chicken in the middle - there is something truly wrong there.
Michael Pollan said it best: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Within that, yes, love your food, get excited about preparing and cooking it. Eat it with friends and enjoy, but don't lose track of the basic fact that you are fueling your body, feed it cleanly and well.
You Nina, my vegetarian friend since I met you when we were irresponsible teenagers have always impressed me with your long standing choice to not eat animals - I'll likely end up there, I'm on that route - just not committed yet!