Friday, May 20, 2011

let the summer begin!

I sunburned my arms today, sat in the park on a blanket, replanted my strawberries, watered the community garden plot, made a mango, corn and black bean salad, grilled a fillet of salmon, drank beer with friends - Summer, I am ready for you. 

Our friends came over for a potluck dinner, the assortment was great. Big green salad, the above mentioned black bean salad and grilled salmon,  guacamole with wasabi, a delicious potato salad with capers and celery, vegetarian meatballs with yogurt sauce, bocconcini salad with perfect tomatoes - a hot sunny day on a plate!

Lori took some photos and as always her photos are the best ever.


sarah said...

She's just the cutest Kate... And yes I agree, summer bring it on!! What's with this drizzle after such a gorgeous day yesterday?

Kate said...

She is so much fun, that Hannah!
Drizzle - pfft. May long should always be sunny today was crazy!

MsNina said...

Kate, your daughter is beautiful! She has a face full of intelligence and eyes full of curiosity. I can't wait to see her again!

Kate said...

Thanks Nina, you're a sweetie. Hannah can't wait to see you again (me too!!!). xo