Tuesday, May 24, 2011

long weekend.

In grade five my friend Kate and I did a project on Victoria Day. The other Kate was a talented artist even back then and we illustrated our project with fireworks done in bright paint on black construction paper. I remember being so proud of the project and I've always had a soft spot for the May long weekend since then. BTW - In Ontario, there are always fireworks and fire crackers for Victoria Day, and none for Halloween. BC is the land of opposites.

We had a nice long weekend. We stayed in town on Saturday and went to Hannah's buddy Arlo's (don't you love that name?) birthday party in West Van, had easy night at home with a friend and then off to Crescent Beach for Sunday and Monday. Hung out in the hot sun, played at the beach, had really lovely visits with family and Matt and my dad made a bench for our deck. 

I made a really delicious lunch today for the bench builders. Toasted open faced sandwiches with baba ganoush and hummus on bread with sliced roast pork tenderloin under the broiler with extra old cheddar and green onions with a salad of romano beans, green onions, tomato, artichoke hearts and avocado in a lemon vinaigrette - no recipes, no photo, but so tasty. 

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