Saturday, June 4, 2011

hockey night in canada.

Living in Vancouver right now feels like we're making history. The Canucks have just won the second game in the Stanley Cup finals and it's hard not to get swept up in the excitement. Matt is a Canucks fan through and through, he grew up in a hockey loving family. A game is never missed at our place, I'm generally pretty neutral but I watched tonight and cheered when Burrows sneaked the goal in.

My grandfather, my Pops, was a NHL player. I pulled this write up from Ottawa Hockey Legends:

Meet D'Arcy Coulson - hockey's first millionaire hockey player. Granted Coulson did not earn his millions from playing hockey. He was the son of an Ottawa based millionaire, making a fortune in the hotel industry and owned a golf club.

Coulson played hockey recreationally in the Ottawa Senior leagues where he earned a reputation as one of the nastiest and dirtiest players. A stay-at-home defenseman, Coulson was invited to the Philadelphia Quakers camp in 1930 and made the team. He played in 28 games, but scored no points. He did tally a surprisingly high 103 PIM that season though.

The Quakers franchise bit the dust with the Great Depression setting in. The players were dispersed and Coulson was claimed by the Montreal Canadiens. However Coulson never reported to Montreal, and did not play anywhere competitively for the next three years.

He did resurface in the Ottawa Senior leagues by mid-decade. By then it was believed he had joined his dad in the hotel business. 

Pops and Rudy (the St. Bernard) on the way to our family camp.

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