Thursday, September 15, 2011

Apples For Jam

Years ago, Matt's mom gave me this cookbook and it remains one of my most favourite cookbooks. The photography is incredible, the recipes are unique and inspired. Tessa Kiros has a few other books that I love almost as much (Falling Cloudberries,  Venezia, Food From Many Greek Kitchens) but this is the one that I can read over and over on rainy days with a cup of tea. I love the lentil soup and the broccoli soup.


kickpleat said...

I love the look of that cookbook, but I really hate how it's organized. By colour seems a bit off to me and the index isn't very helpful either. Otherwise, it's just so dang pretty.

Kate said...

It is poorly organized, I totally agree with you there, but so pretty that I can look past that!