Thursday, November 24, 2011


For her first birthday, Hannah received a box of crayons and a bright yellow colouring book with her name on it (perfect gift for a one-year old - thanks little B). For the past month and a half, she can't get enough of her crayons and book. She walks over to the table, pulls out a chair, climbs up, points to her crayons and nods. She will sit happily for up to forty minutes "drawing", putting the crayons in the box, taking them out, putting them ... It makes me so happy to see her being creative and finding such joy in an activity. Watching a child discover what makes them happy is so special. So far, reading books and drawing pictures are her two favourite things, with chasing the cat as a close third.

The crayons are made by ClementineArt, they are made with natural soy and are non toxic and free from chemicals. They were purchased at a sweet little store called Dilly Dally on Commercial Drive.

Dilly Dally has so many awesome things, we'll be hitting it up before Christmas (one month away!). Here are some of my favourite photos from their website.

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