Monday, November 14, 2011

what are you feeding that kid?

I'm so interested in what other parents are feeding their kids, always eager to learn some tricks. A friend told me how she gives her son yogurt for dipping, it was the best tip - according to Hannah, everything is tastier dipped in plain yogurt.
Here are some of our go to foods for Hannah.

• frozen berries with instant oats with a tbsp of chia seeds, milk and honey
• one egg scrambled with a handful of spinach and a little cheese
• homemade muffin - pumpkin raisin, bran or zucchini
• cantaloupe, raspberries, banana, apple or kiwi
• yogurt with dried apples, chia, hemp seeds and raisins
• banana, berry, yogurt smoothies are a hit, but messy 

• fruit - favourites are pomegranate seeds, apple, orange, raspberries, thawed frozen blueberries, pear and apple
• chopped dried fruit - pears, peaches, prunes, raisins and apples
• nuts - Hannah loves pecans. I was scared to introduce Hannah to nuts because my sister has a deathly allergy. I did a test with peanut butter on her back and there was no reaction and slowly tried other nuts in the same way.
cubed cheese
• whole wheat tortilla roll ups with peanut butter and banana

broccoli, cheese and potato patties
• grilled cheese with spinach inside
• leftovers - normally chicken or salmon that Hannah loves dipped in plain yogurt
• broccoli, peas or green beans
• scrambled egg with tofu, spinach and any veggies (chopped small!)
• hummus with whole wheat pita, cucumber and zucchini spears 

• quesadilla with cheese, beans, chicken and spinach
• veggie casserole (I'll post the recipe soon - so tasty!!)
• baked salmon
• pasta with yogurt, lemon, chopped broccoli
• quinoa with roasted veggies and greek yogurt to make it thick and pick-up-able!
vegetarian meatballs
• lasagna - this one was a HUGE hit 
homemade chicken fingers with yogurt sauce

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