Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Favourite Smoothie

There is a delicious vegetarian cafe on W. 4th in Vancouver called Sejuiced. They make my favourite smoothie of all time called the Morning Energizer and it has papaya, banana, almond, date, whey protein and soymilk. So tasty! 
I've used it for inspiration in coming up with this combo - The three of us have been enjoying it almost every morning for breakfast.

Banana, Date and Almond Smoothie
1 banana 
3 tbsp chopped dates
20 almonds
1 1/2 cups ml coconut water, almond milk, milk or water or a combination
4 ice cubes
pinch of cinnamon

Throw everything in your blender, blend it up! Add more liquid if needed - depends on the size of your banana. Serve and enjoy.


Adrianne said...

I was hooked on this smoothie when pregnant with Maddie, and living just a few blocks from Sejuiced at the time = a dangerous combination! Glad you posted this recipe, I've been having more smoothies lately and I'd forgotten the goodness of this one!

Kate said...

This is different from the sejuiced one, but a lot of the similar flavours. I've started putting almond and date in to all our smoothies, I love the texture. This morning was coconut water, blueberries, dates and almonds. mmmm