Monday, February 6, 2012

Hip Dysplasia - an update

When Hannah was born she was diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia, you can read about our experience here. Today was her one year follow up appointment at BC Children's Hospital.

The visit started with an x-ray. The last time she was x-rayed it was on an x-ray bed, lying down on a warm blanket and the technician wrapped her to the table with a big piece of plastic wrap. We assumed it would be the same today, but after 18 months they want to try the x-ray with the child standing up. Hannah was a trooper and Babar on the iphone is a saviour! She was taped and velcroed to the stand and one quick x-ray was taken.

BC Children's Hospital is an amazing place. Yes we had to wait over 2 hours for our appointment this morning, but the care is exceptional. The hospital is also a very sobering place, great perspective on life and what we have to be thankful for. 

After a quick look at the x-ray, the orthopedic surgeon told us that her hips look great and he doesn't need to see us until she is five. Also - he asked Hannah if anyone ever tells her that she's pretty - to which she replied quite definitely "NO". 


MsNina said...

Yay Hannah! So pleased for her. And she certainly is very pretty and I'm sure she's been told that before, but maybe she was pointing out to the doctor that it's inappropriate to judge her on her appearance? Not even 2 but already a feminist, I'm sure. ;)

├ůsa said...

That's too funny! Well said, Hannah!